‘How long will my project take?’, is one of the most common questions building owners and facilities managers ask when planning a commercial washroom or bathroom installation.

After all, you may need to plan ahead for any potential disruption. Or in the case of schools, choose a non-term time date to complete the work.

With commercial washrooms being installed in the likes of schools, hospitals, offices and similar commercial environments, the installation time will differ depending on the environment. Plus, the scope of the project.

We’ll be more than happy to advise you how long your project is likely to take to complete when you contact us.

In the meantime, here is a guide of what to expect timeframe-wise when it comes to all things washroom installations.

Commercial Washroom Or Bathroom Installation Typical Timescale

It typically takes between 3-4 weeks to install a commercial washroom or bathroom.

This timeframe is much longer than a residential bathroom, which can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks to install. The added complexity, not to mention larger size of commercial bathrooms is the reason for the additional time needed.

What Can Affect How Long A Commercial Washroom Or Bathroom Takes To Install?

As noted above, when you enquire about your commercial washroom project, we’ll be able to provide a more rigid timescale of how long your project will take. This information will allow you to plan ahead, and make alternative arrangements for your premises if required.

The following aspects are what we’ll consider when calculating your project timescale.

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Planning & Preparation

A washroom installation needs to be planned out, from the design to the product ordering, not to mention the labour required. In addition, the project may require permission from the building owner or local authority depending on the finer details.

While most washroom installations are straightforward, in rare instances where structural changes will be made, this requires the relevant professionals to draw up and approve plans. Likewise, if a washroom is being installed in a space previously used for another purpose, then this isn’t as simple as removing and refitting existing cubicles, sanitaryware, walls, flooring etc.

It’s these grander washroom projects which will be subject to lengthier delays, even before building work starts.

In contrast, simple like-for-like replacements of washroom building contents, and even design refreshes will only really require simple design and planning.

For signs your washroom might need a refurbishment, have a read through our blog here.

Scope Of Project

Washrooms can vary dramatically in size and shape. For instance, a primary school washroom may only have a small number of toilets and sinks, whereas a washroom in a major transport hub may have 40 toilets and 15 sinks.

Also, a washroom can also include showers, disabled toilets and other special features which require additional planning, materials and labour.

It’s a fair assessment that the larger the washroom, and the more features it has will mean it will likely take longer to install. Though, timescales can sometimes be reduced by hiring more labour which is a common solution for larger commercial projects with tight timescale requirements.

It’s also possible to simplify the plans of a larger project to also reduce timescales.

Specification Of Project

It’s a simple fact that the level of detail and overall complexities of the materials used will affect the project timescale in a washroom installation.

A good example is the use of tiles instead of wall panelling systems. Individual tiles (especially mosaic tiles!) would take considerably more time to lay compared with a wall panel which covers a large square area with ease. Apply this same logic to each aspect of a washroom, and it will help determine the timescale.

For us here at Inspired Washrooms, the focus is always on ensuring an exceptional level of hygiene, in addition to a high-quality finish. So regardless of the scale of your project, we’ll always strive for this same quality and product longevity assurance.

P.S: You can view all of our wall panelling systems by downloading our brochure.

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Unforeseen Hitches

Just like with residential building projects, commercial building projects can also be subject to unforeseen issues, which may bring delays or complications that ultimately affect the completion timescale.

Granted, if you’re working with a trusted installer of commercial washrooms such as ourselves here at Inspired Washrooms, such hitches are a lot easier to plan for, not to mention manage compared with going it alone.

That said, it’s always good to plan mentally and even financially, as commercial building renovations can throw up any number of issues. Hopefully, though, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how swiftly your project is completed!

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