A workplace washroom or bathroom is up there with one of the most used areas in any commercial space. In schools, offices and social events, a washroom is used constantly throughout the day by a number of different people, meaning the facilities, amenities and products could wear quicker than you think.

With a facilities manager in place, washrooms are simple to keep on top of, but over time, there will become a need for an upgrade or refurbishment.

Here are 5 key signs your washroom needs an upgrade.

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Why is a washroom upgrade important?

Some businesses tend to put their washroom refurbishment at the bottom of their list, but understanding the need for a fully-functioning space is crucial for any business, community and user. Washrooms do more than just offer a place of refreshment, they’re a reflection of a company and can make a huge impact on customer experience and satisfaction. Whether it’s a simple repaint or full washroom fit-out, keeping on top of your washrooms can offer a number of benefits and avoid topics such as employee complaints, health and safety and hygiene issues.

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5 Signs that it’s time for a washroom makeover

Washrooms are designed and installed to withstand a lot of activity and will typically last you and your business years, but depending on how often these facilities are used or how good the quality of furnishings is, there will come a time when certain elements or the whole space needs a makeover! Here are just a few things to look out for before investing in a washroom upgrade.

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Visible damage

One of the most obvious warning signs of a tired washroom is visible damage which you notice from day to day. Whether this is a cracked floor tile or mould on the windows, these issues must be tackled immediately to avoid more severe damage. This type of damage not only looks unsightly but can also lead to health issues or safety hazards. In some cases, these issues might be small and can be handled there and then, but when these visible damages pile up or aren't noticed right away, a complete refurbishment might be the answer.

Other visible damages might include poor ventilation, cracked hardware, leaking pipes or taps, loose fittings, broken windows and doors or poor lighting.

Quality and functionality

Any fitting or piece of equipment will need to be monitored and checked daily to ensure the quality and functionality are working to a high standard. In a washroom specifically, the equipment will be used on a regular basis, throughout the day so will undergo a lot of usages. Issues such as low water pressure, poor flushing systems, drainage and plumbing can lead to much more serious problems and are a key sign that your washroom might be an upgrade.

Outdated aesthetic

Whilst some businesses might not have the design of their washroom as a priority, the aesthetic of a washroom can have a huge impact on customer experience and also how the company is viewed by the public/user. If the interior of the space is outdated or lacks a brand feel, it might be time for a makeover.

Popular interior changes include:

  • Freshening paint or adding wallpaper
  • Replacing bathroom tiles and flooring
  • Matching taps and shower facilities
  • Adding decorative lighting
  • Updating the vanity unit
  • Installing IPS systems
  • Adding branding or wall art

It no longer meets your business needs

As a company grows or even downsizes, the facilities required will also change, meaning washrooms might not meet business needs in terms of space, accessibility or style. If your business is undergoing a high level of employment, is having a rebrand or improving its inclusivity, this could call for a washroom renovation. Improvements might include extending the washroom areas, installing a disabled cubicle or installing certain features.

There are also many regulations that a company must meet when it comes to the washrooms, including the number of cubicles needed per employee so keeping on top of these rules is a must!

Safety and hygiene hazards

Over the past few years, hygiene, in general, has become a huge priority for businesses and a lack of this would be one of the biggest reasons for a washroom refurbishment. Ranging from gas leaks to slip hazards, the workplace washroom is a place filled with potential issues which must be handled with immediate attention. With a washroom refurbishment, health and safety will be considered throughout and all the new fittings and fixtures will come with a much higher level of security compared to dated accessories. Modern fixtures also come with special accessories or technology which can improve safety and hygiene. For example touchless taps, electric hand dryers or touchless soap dispensers.

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Washroom Refurbishment by Inspired Washrooms

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