All of us have a responsibility to look after the environment, especially with climate change looming over us. Within a washroom specifically, there are plenty of ways to use fewer resources.

For example, having motion sensor lights that run on a timer or using water-saving taps. But to be thorough, business owners and facilities managers must also look at reducing their reliance on single-use plastics as much as possible.

If you are planning to carry out a washroom refurbishment with us anytime soon, we can certainly advise on how to make your new space as eco-friendly, not to mention as attractive as possible! But in the meantime, here are our top tips on how to reduce single-use plastics in the washroom to guide you.

Single-Use Plastics: How Long Will They Be Around?

  • Plastic bottles - 450 years
  • Plastic straws - 200 years
  • Plastic cutlery - 100 years
  • Coffee cup - 30 years
  • Plastic bag - 20 years

Although the above list of items isn't normally associated with washrooms, consider that the materials to use these items likely feature somewhere in the room. Likewise, if your washroom has a bin, then it’s not uncommon to see any of the above discarded in there, especially the likes of plastic bottles.

Reusable Soap Dispensers

It’s not uncommon to see single-use soap dispensers in washrooms, public toilets or residential bathrooms alike. Some even add single-use hand wash or hand cream for a touch of luxury. The only trouble is, when that plastic bottle runs empty, it will need to be replaced with a new one. With the rate of recycling still not near where we need it to be, it’s highly likely that each plastic bottle will end up in landfill.

Instead, we’d highly recommend having a metal reusable soap dispenser installed in your washroom. An added benefit here is that patrons aren’t required to press down on the handle as they would have to normally, making reusable wall-mounted soap dispensers far more hygienic.

The soap for reusable hand washing stations for commercial purposes is normally supplied in very large volumes, meaning it needs to be re-ordered fewer times. In addition, manufacturers have gone to great lengths to only use recyclable or reusable packaging for the job, rather than wasteful single-use plastic bottles.

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Reduce Packaging Consumption

To further add to the point about reducing wasteful single-use plastic bottles for hand wash, now is also the perfect opportunity to ensure all other supplies your washroom needs are as eco-friendly as possible, including the packaging of such goods. This can include everything from cleaning products to items available in the dispenser.

Ask your facilities manager to conduct a review of all items needed to facilitate your washroom and look to create areas of improvement. If the supplier cannot offer a non-plastic or recyclable alternative, then it’s time to switch your washroom stocklist up.

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Instilling A Sustainable Company Ethos

Whether your washroom is located in a public building such as a health facility, an office, a school or even in a restaurant, there are always ways that, as a company, you can strive to lead the way on sustainability.

Some workplaces have gone as far as banning single-use plastics, although offering reusable or non-plastic alternatives for applicable items is also a great step. You should also ensure that your building has recycling facilities on-site, and you can advertise the location of these throughout your building, including within your washroom.

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