An office washroom is one of the most utilised areas of any commercial building. It will be visited several times a day by employees, visitors and in some cases the general public. Therefore, the experience your washroom gives is hugely important. In many instances, the cleanliness of your washroom is a direct reflection of your business and many people might associate poor conditions with your business name as well as seeing a decrease in employee satisfaction.

So that you can make the most of your washroom installation, here are just some of the top reasons why keeping an office washroom clean is non-negotiable.

Office Hygiene Facts & Statistics

  • 10 million strains of bacteria live on the average desk which is more than can be found on the typical toilet seat.
  • Viruses left on unclean surfaces can remain active for up to 24 hours.
  • Norovirus specifically can remain active for up to 350 hours on surfaces.
  • Not putting the toilet seat down when flushing can spread germs for 6ft in either direction.
  • Door handles are the biggest health risk in the workplace, due to being a high touchpoint in addition to being frequently missed by cleans.
  • Some of the most common bacteria strains found in office bathrooms include Bacteroidaceae (faecal bacteria), E.coli, streptococcus and salmonella.
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Provides a Welcoming Environment

First and foremost, when we walk into any washroom, bathroom or toilet we expect it to be clean and taken care of. For your office employees, cleanliness is a direct reflection of their value to your company. After all, if an essential space isn’t cleaned or maintained regularly, it suggests that meeting these basic cleanliness standards doesn’t matter. Consider that if your office washroom is also accessed by any clients or the general public, this impression could be even worse. But by scheduling at least daily general cleans, employing a facilities manager and regular deep cleans of your office washroom, you can ensure a good first impression each and every time.

Reducing The Spread Of Germs & Bacteria

It’s a simple fact that any bathroom environment can harbour serious germs and bacteria. Everything from common touchpoints to sanitaryware, cubicles and even floors may all become superspreaders of bacteria and illnesses if cleanliness isn’t maintained. Cleaning an office washroom is a specialist job, which requires professional tools and experience. All surfaces must be disinfected at least daily, paying particular attention to the different material types that may be in use, even the space where you may not think germs will be! Reducing germs and bacteria is also key to health and safety and maintaining employee health. Keeping the environment clean and germ-free will reduce the risk of spreading illnesses and viruses.

Here are the most common places for germs to grow in a washroom.

Avoiding Potential Accidents Or Hazards

The HSE outlines steps for a clean washroom as part of its ‘a safe place to work’ guidance. In short, employers must provide clean toilets, including hot running water and a sanitary method of drying hands. Complying with health and safety regulations by providing a clean, functioning washroom also reduces the chances of accidents, illnesses or general hazards occurring in the workplace.

Getting A Better Return On Your Investment

Any washroom installation is considered an investment and will level up your office. Though, any returns on that investment will certainly be less if the washroom isn’t well maintained. As time goes on, stubborn stains, limescale or bacteria could significantly reduce the appeal of the washroom. In contrast, undertaking regular cleaning will keep dirt and debris at bay, allowing for easier maintenance of the space.

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Inspired Washrooms - Leading Office Washroom Installers UK

We hope the above tips have highlighted the importance of keeping your washroom clean. That said, sometimes, you have to know when a washroom is past its prime. When this happens, no amount of cleaning can bring its sparkle back.

Instead, a washroom refurbishment may be needed to ensure your office washroom is up to standard. Luckily you’re in the right place for that, as Inspired Washrooms installs commercial washrooms across the UK. Interested in starting a project with us? Download our Inspired Washrooms Brochure to view our full range of products and services. For help and advice with anything we’ve mentioned above, please get in touch on 0115 671 3850, and our friendly team will get back to you.