Making alterations to your office space and finding office refurbishment companies can be a big project and something which takes a lot of consideration. If you’re unfamiliar with construction terminology and references, knowing whether you need an office fit-out or refurbishment can be a hard decision to make. In this blog, we’ll analyse the difference between the two and which one could benefit your business.

What is an office fit-out?

An office fit-out is the transformation of an empty space and creating an area which is user-friendly and functional. There are different types of office fit-outs out there which include shell and core, CAT A and CAT B.

Shell and Core: This step is the first stage of a building fit-out and refers to the installation of the basic structure before the space can be actively used. This will include the installation of lifts, concrete and metal framework, water systems or room layouts.

Cat A: Cat A is the basic finishing of the building's interior concept. This typically involved the construction of suspended ceilings, partitionings, air conditioning and washrooms. Once this stage is complete, the space will still be moderately bare but is ready to find a tenant or owner.

Cat B: Once the tenant is found and finalised, the Cat B process will take place. This is where the fun part comes in and the interior design elements can be incorporated. Including furniture, space planning, branding, colour and stationary, the interior design is where a place truly comes to life.

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What is an office refurbishment?

An office refurbishment is typically operated in an office which is already being used or has been used in the past and can be referred to as a renovation by some. Companies or businesses can opt for an office refurbishment for a number of reasons and usually don't need many or any installations. Some of the main reasons why a business opts for a refurbishment are for internal changes ( growing numbers or business goals ), outdated interior or a company rebrand.

An office refurbishment can be as simple as a new colour scheme or as complex as new flooring, fittings and furniture. When refurbishing spaces such as an office washroom, companies might want to tie this into their wider surroundings or provide better facilities for their staff and visitors.

If it's an office washroom refurbishment you're after, have a read through our blog on key signs your office is in need of a washroom refurbishment.

The difference between a fit-out and refurbishment

In a nutshell, an office fit-out is all about creating a shell and habitable space whereas a refurbishment comes later down the line and is more centred around redesign and upgrades. Here are some key questions to ask when deciding which process your office requires.

  • What will your business look like in a few years?
  • Why are you considering a fit-out or refurbishment?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What do your employees require or suggest?
  • Do you see your company growing in size?
  • What parts of the office need work?
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Office washroom fit-outs and refurbishments

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When your old commercial washroom looks tired and desperately needs an upgrade, we’re here to help! With an amazing design team with years of experience, our commercial washroom fit-outs are second to none so you can be sure you’re getting the best finish possible.

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