Every workplace has to provide enough bathroom facilities by law. But beyond the formalities, ensuring your office bathroom actually provides a good experience for your team plus any site visitors is essential.

As well as the choice of sanitaryware, colours and overall style of a commercial bathroom, accessories can add both a practical and welcome touch to any bathroom space. As leading commercial bathroom installers in the UK, here is our take on the bathroom accessories we recommend for office bathrooms.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Did you know wet hands spread germs more easily than dry hands? 1,000 times more germs to be exact! Catching a cold or the flu costs the US economy alone $3.6 billion each year, due to lost productivity and missed work days spent recovering. Although washing and drying our hands is one of the best ways to reduce the spread of common viruses, it’s still not a measure enough people are taking.

The same article reported that people are unwilling to spend more than 15 seconds drying their hands. This is one of the many reasons why an automatic hand dryer is an essential bathroom staple. Automatic hand dryers ensure there’s no excuse not to dry your hands since the process is quick and efficient.

Plus automatic hand dryers are usually motion sensor activated, meaning surfaces aren’t contaminated with germs in the process.

Automatic Soap Dispensers

The step that comes before drying your hands is of course washing them. So why not automate the entire process by installing an automatic soap dispenser? There have been instances where it’s been left up to employees to purchase soap for their office bathrooms. Not only is this unacceptable (and can easily bump up job dissatisfaction), but it’s also losing the opportunity to improve hand hygiene and save costs.

With an automatic soap dispenser, they contain large cartridges which only need to be replaced every so often, depending on how many people use the washroom space. The design also ensures no physical touch is necessary, helping to keep germs to a minimum.

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Safety Signage

Sure, popping a sign up doesn’t feel as exciting as adding a splash of colour to the cubicles or even adding some new tiling to the walls. P.S: As leading washroom installers, we can do that too!

However, offices are commercial environments. So it’s good to remind staff about the importance of washing hands, along with how to do so properly. Depending on the niche of your business, you may have other infection control measures that need to be documented in public spaces such as the bathroom.

Adequate Lighting

Nobody likes a dingy washroom. Poor lighting doesn’t just make a commercial bathroom look uninviting, but it can also pose various health and safety hazards.

As well as avoiding slips and trips, workers or site visitors may head to the washroom to use the mirror. For this, they’ll need good lighting. Aside from checking uniform and overall presentation, workers may also need the light due to health issues. You just never know, which is why poor lighting could create many problems for your workforce.

If you are planning a commercial bathroom renovation any time soon, we can incorporate better lighting solutions into your design. Improving safety, usability and overall satisfaction can all be achieved with the right lighting.

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