The unfortunate aspect about washrooms or bathrooms - no matter how beautiful they may look when newly installed - is that they will require a diligent effort to keep them clean and safe for your patrons to use. That’s because bacteria, germs and mould will build up across various elements within the environment, due to the nature of what happens within a washroom, let alone the fact that there is water and humidity to contend with too.

We would always advise appointing a dedicated facilities manager to keep your washroom spotlessly clean at all times. In the meantime, here are some of the key areas to look out for where your cleaning efforts are concerned to guide you.

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Toilet Seats

Despite toilet seats surprisingly not being the dirtiest areas of a bathroom, on average a toilet bowl contains 3.2 million bacteria per square inch. Ick!

There are many surfaces within a toilet cubicle itself such as the seat, bowl, tank and handle, and germs can easily be spread between each aspect. In addition, if a toilet is flushed without closing the lid first, then the germs from the toilet can travel up to 6ft in either direction.

Solution: Invest in high-quality toilets for your washroom that can withstand industrial-strength disinfectant being used on them regularly. Also, maintain your washroom by replacing cracked or broken toilet seats in the first instance, so that germs aren’t inadvertently being spread.

Door Handles & Taps

Door handles and taps have two issues that make them a magnet for germs. Firstly, they are high touchpoints within a bathroom or washroom. Also, they tend to get overlooked in the cleaning stakes in favour of toilets or basins.

So, what ends up happening is that such areas accumulate not just visible dirt, but hidden bacteria that have serious potential to spread infection. Worst of all? Every time someone enters or leaves your washroom, they are forced to come into contact with the door handle. In between, they’ll also make a pit stop at the toilet and sinks which also contain a mixture of taps and handles.

Solution: Install touch-free technology wherever possible in your washroom, which will vastly eliminate germ-spreading aspects. Touch-free technology includes toilet flushing mechanisms, automatic light sectors, taps and hand dryers.

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Hand Towels

Hand towels, whether they involve a single towel on a hook or a rotating style mechanism that features only one piece of material, aren't a pleasant addition to any washroom. That’s because the drying of hands is just as important as the washing to fully rid bacteria, and if the latter isn’t clean, it’s essentially sending everyone back to square one without them realising it.

Solution: Install a hand dryer or leave a stash of paper towels and a bin by the sink.

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Not all washrooms have showers, but for those that do, it’s essential to regularly disinfect the surfaces within the shower, clean the drains and watch out for any mould building up in the grouting.

Showers are sometimes required for health and safety reasons, such as within a medical facility, and so patrons will expect that the showers are clean and ready to use. Thinking of installing a wet room in your commercial property? Here's how much it could cost you.

Solution: Ensure your facilities manager oversees the cleanliness and maintenance of showers so that they are cleaned after every use and any issues such as blocked drains or cracked tiles can be dealt with immediately.

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