Whether you live in a small local town or a big booming city, hotels are everywhere and are used by seasoned travellers or regular customers every single day. When visiting a hotel, customers expect a blissful experience, especially when indulging in high-end hotels that provide a luxury affair. From the front reception to the facilities and bathrooms, the way a hotel is styled and maintained has a clear impact on how customers react and review the company and space, so keeping every part up to standard is key.

One of the main parts of any hotel suite is the washroom. Not only do these rooms need to be hygienic and fit for purpose, but they could also do with some modern flair and a stylish finish with the main aim to impress. If your hotel room is accompanied by a poorly lit, old-fashioned bathroom, this could have a great effect on customer satisfaction and the company as a whole.

Here are some of the main reasons why hotel washroom design is so important and how this can impact your business and your customers. To speak to our washroom experts, get in touch with the Inspired team or visit our hotel washroom page for more information.

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Key features of a hotel washroom

The features and fixtures included in hotel washrooms will depend greatly on the size of the space you have to offer, what your budget is and the level of luxuriousness this specific hotel must fit into. Some hotels are a lot more expensive and kitted out than others, with the washroom being one of the main points of extravagance. Here are some basic requirements for a hotel washroom plus some extras for those fancier options.

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Why hotel washrooms are so important

Competitive edge

You only have to look on sites such as booking.com to see just how many hotels are out there, and with the options of Airbnb and apartments also, customers have a huge choice of accommodation when travelling or venturing out of their usual cities. By investing in high-quality, aesthetically pleasing washroom facilities, you are adding an extra competitive edge to your business, especially when keeping on the latest design trends and technologies.

Build a loyal customer base

The hotel industry is prime for acquiring a loyal customer base and retaining past guests, and this is all down to the fact they had a good experience and can rely on your facilities. If you ensure your customers enjoy their stay and are impressed with all the finer details, they are much more likely to stay at one of your hotels again.

Improve sustainability

The washroom is one of the easiest places to improve sustainability in your business. With most companies now having a key interest in creating more eco-friendly options, a washroom is the ideal place to start, especially with customers also valuing this. When designing or refurbishing your hotel washrooms, make sure to invest in systems which focus on water waste, recycled materials, energy efficiency and low maintenance costs.

Adding value to your hotel

By improving features such as your washroom, you are upping the value of the hotel, meaning you can begin to increase pricing and create a business which is high quality and renowned in the market. Low-budget hotels will have the bare minimum when it comes to washroom fit-outs, but to give yourself that high-value feel, consider investing in more extravagant fixtures and accessories, e.g. hot tubs, waterfall showerheads, heating flooring and smart entertainment.

Health and Safety

We all know that a washroom is high in germs and bacteria, especially when there are different people using it throughout the day. A hotel washroom is home to thousands of germs and must be maintained thoroughly due to different customers using the facilities. Most hotels will have daily cleaners and facility managers come around each room and keep the space clean and up to standard, so these spaces can have a huge impact on whether or not your hotel is meeting standards and regulations.

Customer experience and reviews

Combined with their bedroom, the customer service and staff, location and amenities, the hotel washroom will have an impact on the reviews left by customers after their stay. The more positive reviews you have, the more likely it is you will have others wanting to stay. On the flip side, if you collect negative reviews, this could really tarnish your reputation and deter potential customers.

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Hotel washroom refurbishments by Inspired Washrooms

Do you own a hotel in the UK, and are in search of an installation or renovation of your existing space? Inspired Washrooms installs washrooms right across the UK, including commercial bathrooms such as hotels. Whether you’re in the market for something classic or a little bolder, we can bring your commercial bathroom project to life. From the initial project brief to handing over at completion, our team will be with you every step of the way.

We’ve completed projects in the likes of schools, hospitals, restaurants, public buildings and hotels right across the UK. Our team is ready and waiting to get started on your project too.

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