You can find a washroom at nearly every place you visit whether that’s a supermarket, university or public park. And accompanying these washrooms are a wide range of different signs which can assist in directions, hygiene, safety and education. Whilst some signs are a common feature of any washroom, some commercial spaces might come with special signs or instructions for visitors, employees and customers. 

Washroom signs and their role in commercial settings from Inspired Washrooms

Washroom signs for schools

From nursery to higher education, school washrooms are filled with signs and information for students, staff and visitors to use throughout the day. Maintaining hygiene standards within a school is a priority across the country, with washrooms being a prominent place of germs and bacteria. As well as keeping on top of cleaning and facility maintenance, schools also provide signage through their washrooms to assist in directing users and providing health and safety advice. 

Here are a few common signs you might find in a school washroom depending on the student age categories.

Hospital washroom signs 

A hospital is a busy place, with people coming and going every second of every day. Whilst some of these people could be staff or regular visitors, a hospital is also a place filled with newcomers, making signage a must. A hospital is also a vocal point for hygiene. From reception areas and toilets to private appointment rooms, every part of a hospital washroom must be kept clean, tidy and accessible, with these signs proving a huge help for all. 

  • Directions throughout the premises 
  • Cucicle door signs for genders and staff 
  • Disabled/accessible toilet signs 
  • Baby changing and family rooms 
  • Prayer rooms 
  • Changing facilities and washrooms 
  • Hygiene posters and instructions for facility use 
  • No smoking 
  • Health and safety regulation reminders 
  • Women and Child safety posters 
  • Maintenance questionnaires 
  • Wet floor signs or safety measures 
  • Entry and exit 
  • Emergency contact details 
  • Sexual health and sanitary care
Washroom signs and their role in commercial settings from Inspired Washrooms

Washroom signs for the workplace 

A workplace could be a small shared office or a giant warehouse, all of which have a duty of care for staff and visitors. These washrooms must be kept clean and tidy for constant use throughout the day and also go under the responsibility of a facilities manager or similar. There are a number of workplace regulations in place which businesses must follow, but there are also many washroom signs found throughout the workplace to ensure users are safe and happy within their environment. 

Here are a few signs you might find within a workplace washroom.

  • Entry and exit signs 
  • Fire exits 
  • Gender, customer and staff signs 
  • Disabled toilet cubicles 
  • Prayer rooms 
  • Changing facilities 
  • Hygiene regulation posters
  • Equipment instructions and guides 
  • Company values/quotes 

Disabled/accessible washrooms signs 

Although most accessible toilet cubicles are usually within a wider washroom or a private room, they tend to have additional signs inside the actual cubicle. This is to ensure that everyone using the washroom is safe, comfortable and can use the facilities correctly. As well as additional support, a disabled toilet might have wash basins and vanity units inside, meaning all the signs could be found in one space including: 

  • Disabled/accessible door sign
  • Equipment instructions e.g. how to flush
  • Emergency systems and instructions 
  • Emergency contact details 
  • Hygiene posters and step by steps
  • Hot water cautions 
  • Regulation and laws 
Washroom signs and their role in commercial settings from Inspired Washrooms

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