When was the last time your hotel washroom spaces were updated? If you can’t remember, then 2023 offers the perfect opportunity to change that and invest in commercial interior design.

Ultimately, the experience a hotel bathroom gives guests is just as important as any other space in the building. Whether that bathroom happens to be a public one located by the lobby or contained within a guest suite, how the fixtures and fittings appear will make a huge impression. Let’s ensure that impression is a good one, by giving an overview of the hotel washroom trends to expect in 2023.

Spa-inspired Spaces

The true epitome of class is when a hotel bathroom feels like a spa in every sense of the word. From the use of glossy marble surfaces to heated flooring, crisp white sanitaryware and motion-sensor taps, spa-like spaces continued to be on trend for 2023 and beyond. Quite simply, staying in a hotel should feel nicer compared to staying at home, especially if guests are paying a premium to do so. Updating the spaces to feel calm yet luxurious is the best way to achieve this, meaning those higher room rates can be justified.

Also, pay attention to the finer details. So for instance, grouting or sealant should be an appropriate colour for the tile or sanitaryware and should also offer a neat finish. Inspect for any snags or defaults on a regular basis, so that guests continue to receive the best possible experience.

Dark Colour Palettes

If lighted muted tones don’t suit the aesthetic of your hotel, then take direction from some of the colour palettes we’ve seen in recent seasons. Namely, rich paint colours including dark green and navy.

Paired against lighter sanitaryware, it’s possible for a space to still feel light and inviting even when darker tones are used. The key is to find a balance between the two, while still injecting plenty of personality into the space. Aspects such as wall paint or tiles offer the easiest routes to add bolder colours to the room.

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Bring The Outside In

Did you know the average person now spends 90% of their time indoors?

Living in urban areas, combined with remote working means fewer of us have access to nature. However, your hotel washroom offers the perfect opportunity to restore the balance whether you use real or artificial plants. For public washrooms especially, the addition of some plants on the sink boosts the look of the decor, all while adding in air purification benefits. Plants also help to boost our mood, making them great all-around winners.

If you have the wall space available, why not create a display? Air plants offer an abundance of potential as they do not require soil to thrive.

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Gold Taps & Tones

The Hard Rock Hotel in New York opened in 2022 and sets an impressive benchmark of what’s to come for hotel interior design in 2023 and beyond.

The fixtures and fittings were supplied by an American manufacturer called Kohler. However, over here in the UK, there’s no reason why you can’t take some inspiration for your hotel washroom too. Specifically, the gold tap handles and towel rails paired with white surfaces punctuated with yet more gold on the walls. Plus, a wonderful injection of a signature colour such as blue, or any other colour which fits your hotel branding. Because the gold has been used to add a luxurious finishing touch, it doesn’t feel overwhelming. Instead, it has maximum impact for all the right reasons. Even since Roman times, we’ve loved gold, meaning gold is just as much on trend for 2023 as it will be in the future.

Different types of tap styles.

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Signs Your Hotel Bathroom Needs Updating

  • The condition of the bathroom doesn’t match the room rate
  • Guests have complained about the condition
  • You lack any or enough accessible/disabled washrooms
  • The fixtures/fittings are subject to constant failures or repairs
  • The current plumbing systems are inefficient
  • It has been at least 10 years since the bathroom was installed
  • The current design has health and safety issues
  • The bathrooms lack the wow factor

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