Upgrading a bathroom doesn't always have to mean spending hundreds of pounds on new fixtures and lighting. Whether your bathroom design scheme is out of date, there are plumbing issues or you just fancy a change, there are a number of cheap ways in which you can create a new, modern, elevated bathroom while keeping within your budget.

Upgrading your bathroom on a budget

A bathroom undergoes plenty of usage. Being one of the most utilised spaces in a home, office and commercial space, there will always come a time when it requires a refresh. From a simple repaint to a completely new fit-out, a bathroom upgrade can include as little or as much as you need. Here are some of the easiest, most affordable ways in which you can update a bathroom or washroom.

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Cleaning and maintenance

A thorough cleaning can go a long way. Especially when it comes to bathrooms. Through constant usage and exposure to moisture and chemicals, bathrooms are prone to a build-up of dirt, condensation and potential mould growth. By implementing a solid cleaning routine and doing frequent deep cleans, a bathroom can turn from a worn, stained space into a glistening area that looks brand new. Methods such as cleaning tiles, grouting, scrubbing floors and bleaching can completely transform the appearance of a bathroom without any money being spent or new features being bought.

Upgrading tiles

Replacing tiles can give a bathroom a whole new lease of life, especially if they cover a large portion of the walls. Although some tiles on the market are on the expensive side, there is a selection of cheaper alternatives. Many people also opt for tiling only a small section of the bathroom, for example, inside the shower or behind the vanity unit.

Applying a fresh coat of paint

Many bathrooms have a combination of tiles, wallpaper or paint and over time, paint especially could become worn, scratched, discoloured or cracked from moisture. Applying a fresh layer of paint can make the space look and feel fresh and doesn't come with a hefty price tag.

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Adding accessories

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to upgrade a bathroom is through accessories and decorative elements. Whether this is for a home, office or hospital washroom, accessorise adds colour, creativity and a homely feel. This is the ideal solution if you want to stick to a lower budget but also for those who are renting or in some sort of agreement that doesn't allow refurbishments or construction work. Attractive and effective accessorise to add to a bathroom include:

  • Real or faux flowers
  • Prints and artwork
  • Towels, bath mats and toiletries
  • Shelving units
  • Vanity unit
  • Curtains or blinds
  • Storage baskets


Lighting can make a huge difference to the way a space looks and feels. Creating a mood and adding to the overall design scheme, adding new light fixtures is a great way to upgrade a bathroom within a budget, especially as there are such a variety of options. Find out more about common washroom lighting mistakes here to ensure you invest in modern, effective lighting solutions.

Updating shower and vanity finishings

If you’re looking to upgrade your fixtures and finishings but a full washroom refurbishment is outside the budget, there is always the option to replace smaller sections such as the shower head, taps and hardware. There is a wide selection of different taps on the market, all of which are designed to look good and work efficiently. In today's market, there is also the opportunity to find more eco-friendly solutions and use this as an opportunity to save money on bills and water waste.

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Repair or reuse

As a bathroom is constantly used throughout the day, when something breaks, this can cause quite a disruption. But before you jump into just replacing a broken fixture or device, it would be much easier to repair it and spend a little extra time researching ways this can be done at home or getting in touch with a professional. Similarly, if a replacement is needed, there are several marketplaces which will have replacement items that could either be lightly used or brand new. As these are second-hand, they will be lower in price.

Commercial washroom refurbishments across the UK

Inspired Washrooms offers refurbishment services to a selection of commercial industries across the UK, covering areas such as Nottingham, Derby, Birmingham and Leicester. From school toilet cubicles to changing rooms in leisure centres, we have a team of designers and installers who know what your customers need.

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